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Kashish Bhargava

Undergraduate Researcher

Kashish (they/she) is a third-year undergraduate at Ashoka University. They are pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Her current research interest areas include psychedelics and psychoactives, specifically in their usage in treating severe cases of PTSD, OCD and TRD (treatment-resistant depression). They aspire to pursue a career in the field of academia and research, hopefully settling down as a Professor at the University of Amsterdam. At the Neuroethology Laboratory, she works on Danio Rerio and is leading an ongoing project that aims to explore the potential therapeutic effects of ketamine on nicotine addiction-like behavior. They have also contributed to ongoing projects such as "Ecological Advantage of Depression" (ASP Project) and "Gender discourses and biological narratives". Outside of research, they enjoy playing badminton, baking, exploring ancient Indian art and creating art.

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