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Our lab works on various puzzles in animal communication, sensation and cognition, and the evolution and ecology of neural systems using neuroethological tools.

We work on 3 main projects in the lab:

1.We look at the structural and neurophysiological adaptations that enable cricket/bushcricket song: on the systems involved in song production and song perception, acoustic niche partitioning and masking, song localization, predator avoidance and eavesdropping.

2.Quantitative and mathematical cognition in zebrafish and dogs: How do our brains produce math? We investigate this question at a behavioural level in both zebrafish and dogs, with an aim to establish zebrafish as an attractive neural model system for this behaviour.

3.Neuroeconomics in zebrafish: We are interested in quantitative decision making between various “goods” of interest to zebrafish, as part of a collaborative project to set up a zebrafish model system for economic decision making. We can then work with collaborators to examine the neural basis of these behaviours using calcium imaging of the whole brain

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Present designation: Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology, Ashoka University.

Present address: 308, Science Block (AC03), Ashoka University, Plot no. 2, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, P.S. Rai, Sonipat Haryana 131029

Phone number: Cell: 8179542651 Office: +91-13-023-0822

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